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Founded in 1988 by the visionary Mechanical Engineer, Kyriakos Akritas, and later augmented by the expertise of Electrical Engineer, Andreas Alexandrou, Akritas Consulting Engineers (ACE) has evolved into an eminent association of consulting engineers. Our primary mission is to offer a spectrum of superior services spanning design, supervision, and cost control across mechanical, electrical, energy management, public health, water and environmental engineering. Upheld by a stellar workforce, the competence and commitment of our team form the bedrock of our enduring success.

At Akritas Consulting Engineers, we envisage a future where innovative engineering solutions and sustainable practices converge, creating a world where design and functionality seamlessly merge with environmental stewardship. As holistic solution providers, our aspiration is to be globally recognized as pioneers in integrated engineering services, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth, innovation, and sustainable progress.

Our strategic approach revolves around maintaining a delicate balance between professional acumen and academic prowess within our workforce, ensuring the highest quality of service delivery. By regularly undertaking specialized projects like feasibility studies, sites surveys, and maintenance programs, we aim to be at the forefront of emerging engineering challenges and trends. Continuous training, collaboration with global counterparts, and investments in cutting-edge technology further solidify our position as industry leaders.

Looking ahead, Akritas Consulting Engineers plans to expand its realm of services, delving deeper into renewable energy production and storage solutions. As the world shifts towards sustainable energy, we are posed to be at the helm of this transformation. Leveraging our legacy and expertise, we intend to establish global partnerships, undertake research initiatives, and promote green innovations, ultimately reaffirming our commitment to a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

We are leading company in this field, We provide is specific solutions for our every customers.

Celebrating 35+ Years: Engineering a Sustainable Tomorrow with Akritas

Akritas Consulting Engineers prioritizes innovative, sustainable solutions, blending expertise with a vision for a brighter, environmentally-conscious future in engineering

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